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New technologies expedite news delivery opportunities

Despite what some might think, journalism convergence means more that joining television and the Web. Actually, several media forms are players in the game. Delivering news to the public now involves new technologies, which means more opportunities to reach an audience.

News is sent out through many media forms; further developed with technological advancement. Choosing which news delivery method is best for a story is key.

Journalists must assess stories and know how the story will be best delivered through each medium, or combination of media. Among those deciding variables are audience, format, editorial considerations and timing.

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Journalists use multimedia to engage readers, build community

As news has captured deep prevalence across the Web, the use of multimedia has also intensified. Readers go online for news, and multimedia must engage them and keep them coming back.

But are journalists using multimedia correctly? Web sites and technology have cleared the way for integrated multimedia presence in online news storytelling, but using various media forms must follow ethics and create a sense of community.

Online audiences rely on multimedia for news delivery. Whether they watch an interview, sign into a chat or browse photo galleries, the Web content draws them in. They involve themselves with the multimedia, then form relationships as they seek information and share views they have in common with other readers.

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Repurposed news content to grow as Web sites, competition, technology develop

It is no secret that broadcast news is a thing of the past. In order to succeed in today’s new media industry, broadcasters must maintain strong presence on the Web.

People want news when it happens and at their convenience. Therefore, a team of broadcast and the Internet work to deliver rich news content, build brand awareness and expand their reputation. For news stations, using multimedia of text, still image, audio, video and interactive elements is key.

We have found an easy way. Stories are now repurposed so they can be shown across the Web and broadcast with minimal effort. For example, a newscast is watched on television, but the Web displays the text version for audiences to read.

Repurposing allows news stations to alter content, and choose the most compelling version for each medium.

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Bob Woodward Speaks of Watergate and the Present News Age

The growth of internet media, a lack of reporters, and harsh budget constrictions have restructured our present news age, but even decades after the famous 1972 Watergate investigation, these challenges would not keep diligent journalists from uncovering the scandal that took down President Nixon if it happened today.  I interviewed top news professionals, including Bob Woodward himself, star reporter of the Watergate burglary along with Carl Bernstein. Most of my sources said they believe the Watergate scandal would still be uncovered today despite increasing internet use for stories, reporting staff decline, and minimal spending.

Even though today’s newsrooms have changed, the basics of gathering news are the same as they were thirty years ago. Information is the primary tool journalists need to build the best news. Now the associate editor of the Washington Post, Woodward said, “Watergate or any other story depends on the quality of information and the quality of the sources with firsthand knowledge.” In spite of staffing cuts and financial shortages, reporters do not need a big support staff or budget to uncover the best information from the most expert sources. Further, Woodward did not get the newest and significant Watergate details from the internet, nor blog about Watergate or discuss his case on social media websites in the early 1970’s. Rather, he stuck with valuable sources and good information.

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Journalism Skills Change for Tomorrow

Today’s online journalists are now seeking entrepreneurial opportunities while producing fine quality content as business skills become mandatory in journalism jobs. At a time of shrinking reporting staffs and economic cutbacks, journalists are increasingly launching their own online publications to overcome newsroom decreases.

On the social media website, Vadim Lavrusik said multimedia journalism skills must change. Today’s media world requires journalists to be competent in all news industry areas and have multimedia talent, but be experts in one or more media fields.

The most skilled reporters are also becoming programmers, as multimedia proficiency helps journalists assemble a better news story.

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