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Bob Woodward Speaks of Watergate and the Present News Age

The growth of internet media, a lack of reporters, and harsh budget constrictions have restructured our present news age, but even decades after the famous 1972 Watergate investigation, these challenges would not keep diligent journalists from uncovering the scandal that took down President Nixon if it happened today.  I interviewed top news professionals, including Bob Woodward himself, star reporter of the Watergate burglary along with Carl Bernstein. Most of my sources said they believe the Watergate scandal would still be uncovered today despite increasing internet use for stories, reporting staff decline, and minimal spending.

Even though today’s newsrooms have changed, the basics of gathering news are the same as they were thirty years ago. Information is the primary tool journalists need to build the best news. Now the associate editor of the Washington Post, Woodward said, “Watergate or any other story depends on the quality of information and the quality of the sources with firsthand knowledge.” In spite of staffing cuts and financial shortages, reporters do not need a big support staff or budget to uncover the best information from the most expert sources. Further, Woodward did not get the newest and significant Watergate details from the internet, nor blog about Watergate or discuss his case on social media websites in the early 1970’s. Rather, he stuck with valuable sources and good information.

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